Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Media release

Review of national arrangements for the protection and management of identity information

​The Morrison Government has today announced it will conduct a Review of arrangements for the protection and management of identity information in Australia.

The Review will be led by Mr Roger Wilkins AO, former Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department.

The Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton said that the protection of identity information remains a key concern for the Government and many in the community with identity crime remaining one of the most common crimes in Australia.

"Each year, many Australians fall victim to identity crime, with an estimated cost of over $2 billion annually," Mr Dutton said.

"The effective management and sharing of identity information is also critical to maintaining public trust in the delivery of government services.

"Citizens want to know that their privacy is maintained and the services being provided are tailored to their needs and easy to use."

The Review has been commissioned to determine ways to enhance or strengthen arrangements that support and govern the protection and management of identity information in order to:

  • better protect Australians from the theft or misuse of their identity information,
  • assist people to minimise and recover from the impacts of identity crime should they become victims,
  • provide better targeted (i.e. more convenient, tailored, efficient and effective) government services to individuals and business, and
  • achieve these objectives in ways that respect and promote peoples' privacy.

Mr Wilkins will be supported by Professor David Lacey, founder and Managing Director of IDCARE, the not-for-profit support service for victims of identity crime.

Professor Lacey's academic and research background in criminology and cybersecurity as well as his experience in running not-for-profit services supporting victims of identity theft and misuse will provide the Review insight and a depth of understanding on the impact of identity crime on individuals.

"Mr Wilkins and Professor Lacey both bring a wealth of experience and valuable insights and I am confident they are the right people to lead the Review."

"This Review will assess current identity management arrangements and include consultations with the states and territories, the private sector, and interested civil society organisations," Mr Dutton said.

Submissions are invited from the public to address matters covered in the Review's terms of reference, which are available at www.homeaffairs.gov.au/identityreview

The closing date for public submissions is 26 October 2018.

The Review will report by the end of 2018.