Tuesday, 08 August 2017
Media release

Deleted Tweet - Labor again derides national security efforts

Labor’s commitment to national security is again in question today.

Last week our law enforcement agencies acted to prevent possible terrorist actions in which potentially hundreds of Australians could have died.

Yet in the wake of that most serious terror threat in this country, a Labor MP is yet again deriding the actions of law enforcement and Government.

Labor’s Emma Husar tweeted the following during question time today….

 "Three terrorism questions so far #qt if only they loved equality as much as they love fear."

…..the tweet was quickly deleted, but it reveals a mindset within the Left of the Labor Party.

This is the second Labor MP in a matter of weeks to make light of such a serious security matter for our country.

Bill Shorten should advise immediately if either he or his office instructed Ms Husar  to remove her tweet.

Mr Shorten must apologise on behalf of Labor to the hardworking police and intelligence community for these disrespectful comments.

Mr Shorten needs to show leadership, stare down the Left of his Party and demonstrate Labor can be trusted to look after the security of our nation.