Wednesday, 05 June 2019
Media release

Australian Federal Police search warrants

I understand the AFP will shortly release a statement in relation to recent search warrant activity.

I am aware that the Australian Federal Police have executed search warrants in relation to two separate investigations.

The Australian Federal Police conduct their investigations and carry out their operations independent from the Government. The AFP have an important job to undertake and it is entirely appropriate they conduct their investigations independently and, in fact, it is their statutory obligation.

I have had no involvement in the AFP's investigation into these matters. Following the execution of each search warrant on 4 June and 5 June respectively, my office was informed that search warrants had been executed.

Attacks on the AFP by the Opposition Leader today are completely inappropriate. I have the utmost confidence in the hardworking officers of the AFP who dedicate themselves to working to protect Australia's interests at home and abroad. If Mr Albanese has any evidence of wrongdoing by the AFP he should produce the detail. If not, he should immediately apologise for his comments about the officers.

Like all Australians, I believe in the freedom of the press. We have clear rules and protections for that freedom of the press and we also have clear rules and laws protecting Australia's national security.