Monday, 05 October 2015
Media release

Australia welcomes Nauru open centre

The Australian Government welcomes the Government of Nauru’s announcement that Nauru Regional Processing Centre (RPC) is now an 'open centre' all the time.

Open centre arrangements have been in place at the RPC since February 2015 and have allowed transferees greater access to the community. The arrangements allowed eligible transferees to leave the centre through a designated exit point, unescorted, during agreed hours on certain days.

We have supported the Government of Nauru in making the open centre arrangements possible by funding service providers and sharing Australian expertise with Nauruan law enforcement agencies.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers have been helping the Nauru Police Force (NPF) build their capability and capacity to manage the growing population.

The AFP maintains two Police Advisors to the NPF on Nauru and has provided other specialist advisors when required. Four AFP officers were deployed for six weeks in May 2015. Another AFP officer was deployed in late June 2015 for twelve months, to continue workplace mentoring and capability development support to the NPF in the area of sexual assault and child abuse investigations.

We also welcome the news that the Nauruan Government has undertaken to finalise the remaining refugee claims that have been under consideration for some time.

The Australian Government is committed to the Regional Processing Arrangements.

We will continue to support the Government of Nauru, through funding of contracted service providers, to deliver settlement services to refugees in Nauru.