Monday, 21 January 2019
Media release

WA business becomes 300th Australian Trusted Trader

Assistant Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Linda Reynolds has welcomed Australian Trusted Trader’s 300th business, Alsto, a Western Australian importer and exporter of laboratory testing equipment and parts.

“In a rapidly changing international trade environment, it’s imperative that we maintain a safe and secure Australia through initiatives like Australian Trusted Trader,” Assistant Minister Reynolds said.

“Australian Trusted Trader is fundamentally changing the way we work with our international trading partners in expediting the movement of goods across our border.”

Alsto joins 34 other accredited Trusted Traders in Western Australia and is one of many companies in the manufacturing industry to join the program.

“One of the highlights of being a Senator for Western Australia is welcoming new local businesses to Australian Trusted Trader, and having them enjoy the reputational and financial benefits,” Assistant Minister Reynolds said.

Managing Director at Alsto, Jim Hudson said the application process was free and easy to complete and the company is looking forward to benefiting from the Origin Advance Ruling for Trusted Traders that import goods under the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA).

“The majority of products used by Alsto come from China, and are repacked or assembled into machinery that is then sold locally and globally to mine site laboratories around the world,” Mr Hudson said.

“The Origin Advance Ruling benefit will allow us to simplify processes and save on fees when classifying goods under multiple consignments by replacing the need for multiple advance rulings, saving us time and money.”

Assistant Minister Reynolds said Australian Trusted Trader highlighted what can be achieved when government partners with industry.

“Australian Trusted Trader is keeping Australia’s border strong, safe and secure and members play an important role in ensuring international supply chain security,” Assistant Minister Reynolds said.

“Australian Trusted Trader gives Australian importers and exporters a competitive edge and greater access to global markets.”

“I encourage all Australian businesses that trade internationally to apply to become a Trusted Trader today,” Assistant Minister Reynolds said.

To apply or find out more about Australian Trusted Trader, visit www.abf.gov.au/trustedtrader