Friday, 05 April 2019
Media release

$130.5 Million towards reducing Australia’s Disaster Risk

The Liberal and Nationals Government will invest $130.5 million towards a five-year funding package for disaster reduction initiatives, in line with the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.

Disaster resilience is a shared responsibility and this Framework is designed to leverage the already great work being done across all sectors to reduce disaster risk.

While we cannot always prevent natural hazards, we can prepare for them and ensure that we are able to respond in the most effective way.

As a nation, we must rethink how we live and improve the resilience of essential services and infrastructure to better protect lives and livelihoods during a disaster.

Led by the National Resilience Taskforce, this Framework is the result of extensive engagement with government, industry and community sector organisations.

It aims to ensure communities are equipped with the right information to respond to a natural hazard.

In addition, we are delivering an annual statement of action on disaster risk reduction to the Australian Parliament.

With this funding package, the Liberal and Nationals Government is continuing our long-term commitment to prepare communities against natural disasters.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework is available here.