Friday, 23 November 2018
Media release

Australian Trusted Trader growing in WA

Assistant Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Linda Reynolds, has welcomed eight new businesses to the Australian Trusted Trader program (ATT), including West Australian businesses Reinol Australia, SUDA Pharmaceuticals and Harvey Industries Group.

"As the Assistant Minister responsible for ATT and Senator for WA, I am pleased to see 28 Western Australian businesses have already taken advantage of the program's benefits," Assistant Minister Reynolds said.

"In a rapidly changing international trade environment, it's imperative that we maintain a safe and secure Australia through initiatives like Australian Trusted Trader.

"Australian Trusted Trader is fundamentally changing the way we work with our international trading partners in managing the movement of goods across our border."

New and existing Trusted Traders also attended a roundtable event today with Assistant Minister Reynolds, to provide feedback on their experiences with the program.

"One of the many benefits of the program is the opportunity for accredited businesses to partner with Government to influence the trade environment of the future," Assistant Minister Reynolds said.

"My Government has worked with existing Trusted Traders to streamline the process when applying for the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) Business Travel Card, which offers Trusted Traders faster and easier entry into Asia-Pacific countries, without the need for a visa.

"These initiatives highlight the inroads we are making with the program and the importance of us continuing to work together to identify new benefits."

By reducing red tape, ATT is expected to save Australian industry $3.2 billion between 2015-2025. 

Assistant Minister Reynolds said Australian Trusted Trader highlighted what can be achieved when government partners with industry.

"Australian Trusted Trader is keeping Australia's border strong, safe and secure and members play an important role in ensuring international supply chain security," Assistant Minister Reynolds said.

"Australian Trusted Trader gives Australian importers and exporters a competitive edge and greater access to global markets."

Businesses that demonstrate a secure supply chain and trade compliant practices can apply to become an accredited Trusted Trader to receive trade facilitation benefits.

To find out more about ATT, visit www.abf.gov.au/trustedtrader