Monday, 04 April 2022
Media release

Reform measures in the migration advice industry

​​​​​​The Government has engaged with the migration advice industry to progress a number of initiatives that will strengthen the legislative environment, guide professional standards and increase consumer protections.

The new Code of Conduct for registered migration agents (the Code), which commenced on 1 March 2022, underscores the importance of applying industry best practice when dealing with potential migrants, and helps prevent the misuse of Australian migration law by clearly outlining an agents obligations.

The Government will introduce further measures following an extensive review of the legislative framework that governs the migration advice industry.

Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs, Jason Wood, said he had been working closely with the migration advice industry to ensure it can support the integrity of Australia’s migration program.

“The establishment of the Code provides better oversight of registered migration agents without increasing regulatory burden,” Assistant Minister Wood said.    

“We will also implement a range of regulatory measures, including improving the registration process to become an agent, strengthening the powers available to the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) when assessing registration applications, and enhancing penalties for illegal operators providing unlawful advice.”

A tiering system will also be developed in consultation with the industry, including an element of supervised practice, over the next 12 months.

“The migration advice industry has played an important part in our efforts to safely reopen Australia to the world by supporting people seeking immigration assistance, many of whom have been affected by border closures.”

“I will continue to work closely with the OMARA and registered migration agents to ensure we have a robust regulatory framework that supports a qualified and professional industry,” said Assistant Minister Wood.

“Together we can build the industry's reputation as a world-class migration advice industry.”

More information about Australia’s efforts to strengthen the integrity of the migration advice industry is available at Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority​.

Further information about the Migration Agents Instruments Review is available at: Migration Agents Instruments Review - consultation report