Wednesday, 09 March 2022
Media release

Major boost to create safer communities and help young people

​The Morrison Government is delivering an extra $50 million under round six of the highly-successful Safer Communities Fund to improve community safety and help divert at-risk youth from a life of crime.

The increase means that 75 practical community-led projects will be supported to work with local high-risk young people to discourage anti-social behaviour and break the cycle of repeat offending, and brings early intervention funding to a total of $69.5 million.

“This is a serious commitment by the Morrison government that will deliver real and practical benefits. We know and that crime prevention is an effective way we can support the work of our law enforcement agencies to keep Australians safe,” Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs Jason Wood said.

“For the Morrison Government, community safety is fundamental. We know that all Australians deserve to feel safe and secure – and that’s what the Safer Communities fund is all about.”

The funding will be delivered under the latest round of the Safer Communities Fund which has invested more than $265 million and provided over 720 grants directly to local communities to deliver grass roots crime prevention initiatives since 2016.

Assistant Minister Wood said the additional funding was in response to overwhelming demand from the community and will support organisations across Australia, with demonstrated experience in helping marginalised youth, to build resilience, strengthen community connections and job readiness skills.

“These community organisations do vital work - like Queensland Youth Services in Townsville, which is receiving $1.4 million for their project to keep young people connected to their families and culture and promote job skills and a strong work ethic,” AM Wood said.

“We know that some young people engage in activities or have negative experiences that leave them at risk of joining gangs, committing serious crimes and disengaging from the wider community.”

“The challenges we’ve faced over the last 2 years as a result of the pandemic have only added to the sense of social isolation and disconnection that some young people feel.”

“This program, along with others we are funding, ensures young people have somewhere to go to seek the support and assistance they need to build positive relationships and to achieve their full potential. Importantly, it also means our communities are made safer.”

Grants under the program will support our most at risk youth by providing them with greater opportunities Australia wide, and include approximately $6 million for employment opportunities, and job readiness and vocational skills development training.

Over $7 million is being provided for services that will engage young people from diverse communities, as well as over $10 million directly to Indigenous community organisations.