Monday, 03 May 2021
Media release

Six months of progress after the Bushfire Royal Commission

The Australian Government is methodically implementing the recommendations handed down on 30 October 2020 by the Royal Commission Into National Natural Disasters (Royal Commission).

Recommendations already implemented include the establishment of the National Emergency Declaration Act 2020, faster and more efficient Australian Defence Force deployment, and the development of a charity coordination mechanism.

Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud said that the devastating Black Summer bushfires and the Royal Commission’s findings must transform the way we prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.

“There have been over 240 reports into natural disasters since 1920 and this one can’t go on the shelf and gather dust,” Minister Littleproud said.

The Australian Government got straight to work after receiving this report.

“The Federal Government responded to all of the recommendations within weeks, and committed to boosting our federal emergency management capabilities, driving risk reduction and mitigation initiatives, and improving how people experience the recovery journey.”

“We are six months down the track and on track to deliver what we promised.

“Our fire chiefs and aviation industry do an excellent job of maintaining the national aerial firefighting fleet, and I am consulting them to understand what more is needed to manage longer, overlapping fire seasons.

“In February, I published online a monthly implementation tracker and called on all levels of government, not for profits and the private sector, to be transparent about our collective progress.

“I thank the New South Wales and Tasmanian Governments for supporting the recommendations, but disappointingly, other state and territory governments have failed to do the same.

“I also wrote to the Insurance Council of Australia asking how they will improve their consumer guidance on getting a fair premium through recognised risk mitigation actions, but I have had no response from them either.

“We have a responsibility to work together on this and not lose our focus on a better prepared and more resilient Australia.”

The implementation tracking document is available on the Department of Home Affairs website​.