Thursday, 19 March 2020
Media release

eBay and Facebook the hosts for parasites

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud is calling on eBay and Facebook to crack down on coronavirus profiteering.

“They are allowing parasites flog off things like toilet paper at ridiculously inflated prices,” Minister Littleproud said.

“These online companies have a duty to act ethically and shut down any attempts by these grubs to gouge the vulnerable.

“This is a low act and eBay and Facebook will be aiding the exploitation of anxious people during these challenging times if they do not act.

“Suppliers, wholesalers and traders who think they can get away with ripping people off on essential items will be called out.

“Doesn’t matter who you are, we are all in this together. We all need to show some common sense.

“Australia has plentiful fresh food supply with secure lines from the farm to the supermarket shelf.

“Australians should take great pride and comfort that our farmers are providing us with one of the safest and most secure food supplies in the world.

“The reality is we produce enough food for 75 million people, we are just 25 million people.

“So there is no risk of us having any issues around food security.

“I ask people to take a deep breath and go about their shopping calmly and with courtesy, so there is plenty on the shelves for everyone.”