Tuesday, 12 October 2021
Media release

Three counter terrorism sentences handed down in one day – one an Australian first

​The sentencing of three men in New South Wales Courts yesterday for separate terrorism offences demonstrate the ongoing need to keep Australians safe from those who would do us harm.

Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews said it showed that terrorism was an enduring threat to Australians and our way of life, and that law enforcement agencies remain focused on protecting our community.

“I commend all Australian Police – Federal and State – whose actions, along with ASIO, continue to keep Australians safe from terrorism,” Minister Andrews said.

“I am committed to giving police the powers they need to bring offenders before the courts, and to monitor those who continue to pose a threat at the conclusion of their sentence.

“The Morrison Government has High Risk Terrorist Offenders legislation before the Parliament that has been endorsed by the bipartisan Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.

“As yesterday’s court activity shows – we need this legislation passed now more than ever.” 

Since September 2014, 143 people have been charged as a result of 70 counter-terrorism related operations around Australia.

On 11 October 2021, the Supreme Court of NSW sentenced:

  • ​A man to seven years and four months imprisonment for acts in preparation of a terrorist act in Australia and preparing for foreign incursions.
  • A man to three years and 10 months imprisonment for being a member of a terrorist organisation and advocating terrorism – the first time a person in Australia has been sentenced for the offence of advocating terrorism.
  • A man to five years and four months imprisonment for acts in preparation of a terrorist act and exporting prohibited material.