Sunday, 31 October 2021
Media release

New campaign to increase Australia’s cyber security

Beat cybercrime in your downtime,a new public information campaign to increase awareness of the importance of cyber-security and empower Australians to be more secure online, will launch today.

Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews said the campaign would have useful tips for all Australians who use the internet or have a digital device.

“Cyber security isn’t something we normally stop to think about; but phones, smart devices, TVs, WIFI routers, social media accounts, emails and e-commerce transactions can all be exploited by criminals if we take cyber security for granted,” Minister Andrews said.

“Everyone with a digital presence is a potential target. No one would leave home without first locking their door, in the same way – we all need to secure our digital assets and information.

“This campaign will demonstrate that a few small steps – such as increasing the complexity of a password – could be the difference between protecting your identity or having it stolen.

“No one can afford to be apathetic about their cyber security. Just as the Morrison Government is taking action to increase Australia’s cybersecurity, this campaign will give Australians the tools and tips to safeguard themselves and their data against a range of cyber security threats.

“It builds on the Morrison Government’s launch of Australia’s first Ransomware Action Plan, the establishment of an AFP-led multiagency taskforce to tackle ransomware gangs, and the passage of important cyber security legislation through the House of Representatives – both to tackle crime on the dark web and to better protect our critical infrastructure.

“Backed by our $1.67 billion Cyber Security Strategy, Australian’s can be assured that the Morrison Government is taking strong, tangible action to safeguard our digital future.”

The campaign will launch today (Sunday 31 October) on free-to-air television and digital channels, and encourages Australians to visit cyber.gov.au – the Australian Government’s one-stop shop for cyber security advice and guidance.