Wednesday, 30 June 2021
Media release

Cooperation with Malaysia strengthens Australian borders

​​​The Morrison Government continues to ensure Australia’s border are protected, with Australia’s participation in Operation Redback XV - a week-long Malaysia Coast Guard (MCG) led exercise to strengthen maritime security in our near region - concluding yesterday.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said that while Australia’s strong border protection measures had suppressed Australia’s maritime people smuggling threat, the Government remains vigilant and focused on protecting our borders.

“Between 2008 and 2013, more than 50,000 people came to Australia illegally on more than 800 boats. Tragically, at least 1,200 people drowned,” Minister Andrews said.

“I won’t allow the people smuggling threat to re-emerge, which is why joint border protection activities, such as Redback XV, are so important. Cooperation strengthens Australia’s border protection arrangements, and strengthens the arrangements of our near neighbours.

“People smugglers are constantly monitoring developments in Australia and are ready to market any perceived policy change to vulnerable people, callously risking lives at sea in the process.”

The fifteenth iteration of Operation Redback focused on the MCG’s and ABF’s ability to undertake strategic communication as a deterrent to maritime people smuggling ventures, underscored by the Australian Government’s successful “Zero Chance” strategic messaging campaign. A patrol in the northern waters of the Malacca Strait was also conducted by the MCG.

“Redback XV marks another milestone in the significant and ongoing relationship between Australia and Malaysia," Minister Andrews said. 

More information on Operation Redback is available at https://operationredback.com​