Thursday, 08 December 2022
Media release

Expert Advisory Board appointed as development of new Cyber Security Strategy begins

​The Australian Government has appointed an Expert Advisory Board as it begins developing 

Australia’s new Cyber Security Strategy.

Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security, the Hon. Clare O’Neil said the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy would provide the step-change Australia needs to improve our national resilience to cyber threats and properly address the consequences of cyber incidents.

“Australians have recently suffered two of the worst data breaches in our nation’s history. We must work together to counter these threats, build partnerships and set ourselves up for success,” Minister O’Neil said.

“Everyone has skin in the game when it comes to Australia’s cyber security. If you use the internet, have a smart device in your home, or have a perspective on what Australia’s cyber security should look like, I encourage you to get involved as the Expert Advisory Board seeks views throughout the Strategy’s development. 

“Australia should aim to be the world’s most cyber secure nation by 2030. The development of the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy will outline the Government’s long-term vision for the future of Australian cyber security, and the concrete steps required to get there.” 

Priority areas for the new Cyber Security Strategy include:

  • increasing whole-of-nation cyber security efforts to protect Australians and our economy 
  • ensuring critical infrastructure and government systems are resilient and cyber-secure​
  • building sovereign capabilities to tackle cyber threats and manage emerging threats to the economy
  • strengthening and expanding Australia’s international engagement capacity building efforts based on tangible outcomes 
  • growing and sustaining a national cyber workforce, focusing on education, skills and training. 

“To help achieve this vision, I have appointed an Expert Advisory Board, to be chaired by former Telstra CEO Andrew Penn, to assist and advise the Government on the development of the new Cyber Security Strategy,” Minister O’Neil said. 

“The Expert Advisory Board will lead the development of strategic advice to the Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security and work with Home Affairs to deliver the Cyber Security Strategy. The Expert Advisory Board will comprise three Expert Leads with extensive industry and government experience."

The Expert Leads are: 

  • Andrew Penn, former CEO of Telstra
  • ​Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld AO DSC
  • Rachael Falk, CEO of the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre.
“This approach demonstrates the Australian Government’s enduring commitment to collaboration. Cyber security is a team sport and we must all work together to make Australia the most cyber secure nation in the world by 2030,” Minister O’Neil said. 

Quotes attributable to Chair, Expert Advisory Board, Andrew Penn

“The Cyber Security Strategy 2020 built a solid foundation, but as the rate of digital adoption has accelerated so has the threat of malicious cyber activity. We therefore need to increase our defences even further as we aspire to become a world leading digital and cyber secure nation.”

“Industry clearly has to do better in protecting customer data and implementing cyber security bestpractice and Government must lead by example and demonstrate its own commitment to hardening government systems and defending against cyber threats.”

“The new Cyber Security Strategy needs to address how everyone can do their part to make Australia more cyber resilient.”

Quotes attributable to Expert Lead, Expert Advisory Board, Rachael Falk

“The development of a new Cyber Security Strategy for Australia is a unique opportunity. Now more than ever before, this is a time to be ambitious and innovative. Australia should be at the cuttingedge of education and research.”

“Cyber attacks on government and on industry are only getting worse. The recent large-scale incidents have demonstrated to the community the very real risks online, are not going away and the real-world impacts they can have.” 

Quotes attributable to Expert Lead, Expert Advisory Board, Mel Hupfeld

“The scope, scale, and sophistication of cyber threats is evolving – Australian systems and networks are being targeted by nation-states and cyber criminals.” 

“Cyber resilience requires a coordinated approach by governments, individuals, and businesses of all sizes.” 

“When looking to 2030, Australia must consider our sovereign capabilities in cyber security and how these can be leveraged to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.” 

“Our people are the foundation of cyber security capability – education, skills, talent attraction and continuing professional development will be key to Australia’s cyber resilience.”