Wednesday, 05 October 2022
Media release

Ministerial Forum on Multicultural Affairs Communique

​​​​​​Multicultural Affairs Ministers from around Australia met at Parliament House, Canberra on Tuesday 4 October 2022 to advance inter-governmental cooperation and collaboration to strengthen cohesion and inclusion across Australia’s successful multicultural society.

The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Hon Andrew Giles MP, chaired the Forum, whic​h was attended by ministers from each state and territory.

Minister Giles outlined the Australian Government’s strengths-based approach to building on Australia’s multicultural success, including a review of the Australian Government’s multicultural policy framework, and an initiative to strengthen the collection of data on Australia’s diversity.

Ministers discussed the growing diversity of Australian society, cooperation related to migration and humanitarian settlement, coordinated support for culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and collaboration to counter racial discrimination and vilification.

Ministers’ discussion was informed by expert briefings from:

  • the Race Discrimination Commissioner, Mr Chin Tan, on the development of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Anti-Racism Framework.
  • the Australian Bureau of Statistics on how Census data enables a better understanding of Australia’s growing diversity; and
  • Department of Health and Aged Care on the importance of tailored communication of public health information to diverse communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ministers agreed there would be value in convening biannual meetings of the Forum, which would provide an opportunity to discuss:

  • deeper cooperation to strengthen Australia’s cohesive multicultural society, including in support of effective migration and humanitarian settlement outcomes;
  • work together to respond to racial discrimination and vilification, including with the Australian Human Rights Commission as it develops the National Anti-Racism Framework; and
  • collaboration on sharing data on Australia’s diversity. 



The Hon Andrew Giles MP

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

Tara Cheyne MLA 

Australian Capital Territory

Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for the Arts

Minister for Business and Better Regulation

Minister for Human Rights

Assistant Minister for Economic Development

The Hon Mark Coure MP 

New South Wales

Minister for Multiculturalism

Minister for Seniors

The Hon Ngaree Ah Kit MLA

Northern Territory

Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for Corporate and Digital Development

Minister for International Education

Minister for Disabilities

The Hon Leanne Linard MP


Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for Children and Youth Justice

The Hon Zoe Bettison MP

South Australia

Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for Tourism

The Hon Nic Street MP 


Minister for Hospitality and Events

Minister for Community Services and Development

Minister for Sport and Recreation

Minister for Local Government

The Hon Ros Spence MP


Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for Prevention of Family Violence

Minister for Community Sport

Minister for Youth

The Hon Dr Tony Buti MLA

Western Australia

Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

Minister for Finance

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Minister for Racing and Gaming