Thursday, 10 November 2022
Media release

Humanitarian visas for Myanmar nationals prioritised

​​​In recognition of the grave humanitarian and security situation in Myanmar, the Albanese Government has designated Myanmar nationals in Australia as a priority caseload in our onshore humanitarian visa program.

Myanmar nationals currently residing in Australia who have arrived with a valid visa will have their application for protection prioritised by the Department of Home Affairs, reducing waiting times and providing certainty to those in need.

The Australian Government is committed to a generous, flexible and non-discriminatory Humanitarian and Settlement Programs that meet Australia’s international protection obligations, and position Australia as a global leader in international resettlement efforts.

Overseas, Home Affairs officers continue to work closely with the UNHCR in Bangkok, as well as other governments, to coordinate response efforts to the crisis in Myanmar.

Myanmar nationals have consistently been in the top four offshore resettlement caseloads. In the 2021-22 Program year, more than 1,600 offshore humanitarian visas were granted to this cohort.

Myanmar nationals are also able to pursue other migration pathways to Australia, depending on their circumstances, including through the Community Support Program, the Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement Pilot, the Family stream, and Skilled visa categories.

Myanmar nationals who require proof of identity documents to access Government services while residing in Australia, in lieu of a current passport, may be eligible for an ImmiCard.

Further information on how to apply for an ImmiCard can be found at Department of Home Affairs - ImmiCard.