Friday, 25 February 2022
Media release

Ukrainian-Australian Community Roundtable

Australia joins our partners in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. All of Australia stands with the Ukrainian community in Australia and around the world at this distressing time.

Yesterday I met with leaders of the Ukrainian-Australian community to discuss Australia’s participation in the international response to Russia’s illegal and unprovoked actions, and Australian Government support measures available to those of Ukrainian descent here and offshore. 

This is a devastating time for the Ukrainian-Australian community, many of which have family and friends still in Ukraine. Russia’s actions are unjustified, unwarranted, unprovoked and unacceptable.

I told yesterday’s roundtable that the Australian Government condemns President Putin's conduct, which undermines Ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity and has no validity under international law. The Australian Government continues to work closely with the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and other governments to ensure Russia incurs severe costs for its aggression. 

I told attendees that I have instructed the Department of Home Affairs to accelerate the conclusion of Ukrainian visa applications to Australia, and that I am considering options for support through our humanitarian, skilled, student, and other visa programs.

Additionally, I addressed the Australian Government’s plan to impose sanctions on Russian individuals and entities, and to amend our Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011. 

During the course of these discussions I received valuable feedback, particularly about the types of support community leaders believe is most necessary and relevant, and this will be considered during our ongoing planning.

The Australian Government remains committed to working in partnership with the Ukrainian-Australian community during this evolving situation and I thank the community for its open and constructive engagement. I intend to conduct additional community consultations in the days and weeks ahead.