Thursday, 17 February 2022
Media release

Open for business

​​The Morrison Government is welcoming a surge of International Students and Backpacker visa applications and arrivals since our announcement last month of visa fee refunds.

​​ Nearly 13,500 International Students arrived in Australia last week alone – a 33% increase on the week prior. Around 80,000 International Students have arrived since late 2021.

​ And 1,000 Backpackers arrived in Australia last week, with nearly 35,000 Working Holiday Maker visas approved since November 2021, so there are many more to come.

​ International education supports 240,000 Australian jobs and contributed almost $38 billion to the Australian economy in 2018-19. The Working Holiday Maker program is worth $3.1 billion to the Australian economy, with backpackers filling vital workforce shortages while spending more of their time and money in regional Australia.

​ There are more jobs now available in Australia than before the COVID-19-Pandemic, and there are still many more places available to Backpackers and Students that we are ready to fill.

​ The Morrison Government announced a Visa Application Charge​ refund for Internatio​nal Student and Working Holiday Maker visa applicants, to encourage more workers to come to Australia to support our economic recovery.

​ Australia will reopen to all fully vaccinated visa holders including tourists, business travellers, and other visitors, from 21 February.

​ Australia is open for business.