Sunday, 20 March 2022
Media release

Enhanced support for Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s war on Ukraine

The Australian Government will make available a temporary humanitarian (subclass 786) visa to all Ukrainian temporary visa holders currently in Australia and those who arrive in the coming months.

This visa will allow people to work and access Medicare and appropriate associated support services and will be valid for three years. School-aged children will also be able to continue their education.

The Government will work closely with the Ukrainian-Australian community to ensure appropriate permanent visa options are made available to this cohort at an appropriate time.

The focus to date has been on facilitating travel for those seeking to leave Ukraine or neighbouring countries urgently due to the crisis. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Morrison Government has been progressing visa applications from Ukrainian nationals as a priority, particularly those with Australian connections, across temporary and permanent visa categories. Around 5000 mostly temporary visas have been granted to Ukrainians since 23 February 2022 and around 750 Ukrainians in this cohort have now arrived.

The Commonwealth Coordinator-General for Migrant Services and Department of Home Affairs officials will continue working closely with the Ukrainian-Australian community and settlement service providers across the country to ensure those arriving from Ukraine are provided support throughout their stay in Australia.

This support, facilitated by Australia’s experienced Humanitarian Settlement program providers, will help Ukrainian temporary humanitarian visa holders to find long-term accommodation, gain access to Medicare, enrol children in school and other relevant social support services.

This builds on the grant of $450,000 provided to the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations and their state-based counterparts. This will support the community groups in their on-going work to support those most recently arrived in Australia.

The Morrison Government will continue to engage with the Ukrainian-Australian community as the situation in Ukraine, and Australia’s response, evolve.